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FP 5500 Image Fusion Board

Our flagship processor board measures just 1 in by 1 in. The FPGA-based processing system is capable of processing two 1080p images at 60 fps, using compact battery power. Inputs and outputs are available in a broad range of analog and digital formats. Our board can interface with any of the currently-available imaging arrays and monitors. We work closely with our customers to optimize system performance.

FB-5500 Video Processor & Sensor Fusion Engine

Real-time video stream processing and sensor fusion in the smallest, lowest power package.

Key Features
  • Real-time enhancement and fusion of two high definition video channels
  • Image alignment and parallax correction
  • Compact, low-power design
  • Automatic, real-time adjustment to changing imaging conditions
  • Resilience against sensor blooming and saturation
  • Gray-scale, natural, or pseudo-colored output
  • Text and symbology overlay
  • Control via a choice of serial interfaces


Video library of technology demonstration videos and videos from current camera lines.


Product documentation, product request sheets and relevant articles.