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  • Fusion: car thief scenario This video shows the advantages of image fusion in a night scene. The license plate is clearly visible in the "visible" image, but the thief cannot be detected. The thief is visible in the thermal image, but the license plate is invisible. Both thief and license plate are visible in the fused image. Fusion can be useful in other scenarios as well. For example a fused image can reveal the presence of a laser designator illuminating a thermal image.
  • Scintillation suppression Scintillation occurs at low light levels in photomultiplier applications. Our algorithms suppress these scintillations on a frame-by-frame basis so there is no delay added to the image processing.
  • Artificial coloration of a scene from helicpoter taken with two monochromatic cameras of different wavelengths. Here is an example of how artificial coloration can be incorporated into processing of two monochrome cameras viewing the same scene. One camera covers the visible spectrum; the other covers a near-IR thermal spectrum. By taking the differences in return of the two images on a pixel-by-pixel basis, it is possible to infer color using a lookup table.
  • Motion detection In this video only those components of the visual scene that are both moving and hot are accentuated by an amber glow. Different strategies can be implemented to bring out specific components of a dynamic scene.
  • Fusion: airport at night In this scenario the most of the plane is not revealed in the visible image. But the writing on the tail section is not revealed in the thermal image. Both plane and writing are evident in the fused images of the plane.
  • Fusion: pedestrians crossing at night In this scenario a car approaches an intersection where three pedestrians are crossing. The pedestrians are nearly invisible in the "visible" image. They are clearly visible in the thermal image, but the context, including the lighting and street signs are not seen. In the fused image, both pedestrians and the context are visible.


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