Image Processing

At Imagize LLC, we implement retina-like processing algorithms that generate high resolution, wide dynamic range images at more than 100 frames per second, while maintaining minimum size, weight and power.

Our biocentric image representation enables us to create computationally enhanced sensors or fused multi-sensor suites that are capable of exceeding raw sensor performance levels by dynamically trading spatial and temporal acuity, as well as sensor dynamic range.

In rough order of from sensor to viewer, our innovations can be grouped into five functional areas:

  • Image formation:
    • image readout,
    • exposure and frame rate control,
    • sensor synchronization,
    • sensor gain control,
    • non-uniformity correction;
  • Image enhancement:
    • contrast enhancement / AGC,
    • noise suppression (e.g. scintillation suppression in intensified imagers),
    • image stabilization,
    • superresolution;
  • Fusion:
    • registration,
    • parallax correction,
    • resolution and scan conversion,
    • image fusion,
    • color synthesis;
  • Enhanced functionality:
    • data/symbology overlay,
    • external imagery input (e.g. gun sight),
    • sensor data output (snapshot & streaming),
    • communication and information sharing,
    • target detection,
    • visual target cueing, etc.;
  • Display:
    • display frame buffer,
    • electronic zoom,
    • multi FOV display modes,
    • display data formatting,
    • display driver.


Video library of technology demonstration videos and videos from current camera lines.


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